November 15: The Penultimate 2020 Meeting

A huge shout-out to the Metro Tabletop community for yet again being awesome! You made our penultimate 2020 meeting a great success.

Don’t forget the next meeting (the 6th of December) is our last for 2020 – we’ll be back again on the 3rd of January. Let’s make our last meeting for the year a cracker!

Righto, as usual, photo dump follows:

After Action Report #3

A big thankyou to everybody who attended our last meeting yesterday. As usual, it was a good time for all, the weather was fantastic (not that we played any games outdoors, but eh) and enjoyable games, as usual, were had.

And some of us left rather heavily inspired about Battlefleet Gothic, but that’s a whole another story…

Hope to see you all again next meeting!